fot. Malwa Kaszubska / HOCOO.CO

   when I was 20 years old, I started to actively document my observations of the world.
   2006-2009 I published my subjective documentary photography outside of my newspapers shoots -> my perception of reality
   2006-2012 photojurnalist for polish daily newspaper -> Gazeta Wyborcza and photo agency. -> Agencja Gazeta
   since 2009 freelance photographer and movie maker. -> PHOTO and ->VIDEO
   since 2010 reportage photography consultant at "Academy for You".
   reportage and documentary photography teacher at annualy photography workshop.
   2011-2014 photography teacher of autistic people.
   We used photography for therapy with autism people in
   SPOA „Dalej Razem” - an association of help for people with autism.
   2011-2016 co-founder and project manager at LAB31.PL - photo laboratory.
   2012 - photography Workshop teacher for volunteers of UEFA EURO 2012
   since 2016 co-founder project HOCOO.CO CONCEPT. -> PHOTO
   Now when I am 33 years old.
   I still subjectively document my own life.
   I like master shots.
   And more important for me is the "golden mean" (philosophy) than the "golden ratio" (art).
   This is my way of ZEN.
   You can follow me on instagram:@rzepiel
   based in London, UK